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CrossCountry Consulting, Coupa Announce Spend Management Solution Implementation Partnership

CrossCountry Consulting teams with Coupa Software, leading provider of spend management solutions to provide spend optimization, visibility and control

WASHINGTON, DC, May 21, 2015 – CrossCountry Consulting, a results-focused professional services firm and strategic advisor, today announced that...

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Customization vs. Configuration in a System Implementation

CrossCountry's Consultant, Sean Barrett, discusses the difference between customization and configuration and their impacts to a system implementation.

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CFOs Seek Simple Solutions for Comprehensive Spend Management

The following article was featured on Coupa's website HERE

As of today, we have a new implementation partner: CrossCountry Consulting. CrossCountry has deep expertise in helping companies of all sizes implement finance and accounting systems to meet business objectives such as process improvements,...

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Leveraging the Cloud for Finance

CrossCountry's Managing Director, John Hoebler, discusses the three main advantages of leveraging the cloud for Finance.

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Intacct and Growth Companies - A Perfect Match

As a small growing company, you have made the determination that Quickbooks is no longer working for your organization. You need something that is more robust. You probably don’t have an IT department that can maintain hardware and software. You realize that you need to standardize and automate...

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Changing Financial Systems for CFOs

By: David Kay

CrossCountry's founder, Dave Kay, discusses changing financial systems from a CFO-standpoint and how cloud options can make change less daunting.

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An on-premise ERP upgrade horror story (and a permanent solution!)

Project Background

Ok, well not really. As on-premise ERP upgrades go, this one went fairly well. The company is a mid-sized enterprise with a moderate level of system customization. Compared to other upgrades (and I have done a lot of them), this one was in the middle in terms of complexity and...

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9 things CFOs love about the cloud

A 2013 Gartner study (Adoption of Cloud ERP, 2013-2023) shows that 47% of companies plan to move their core ERP systems into the cloud by 2018. If your systems can’t keep up with your business objectives or your old on-premise ERP system requires another expensive non-value added upgrade, then you...

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8 Things You Need to Convert Data from Quickbooks

Converting your company’s historical data can be a daunting task and almost always takes more time than you think. Although cloud systems are extremely flexible, the limitations of QuickBooks combined with the large amount of data being extracted can easily become a headache. Here are 8 things you...

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6 Questions to Ask Before Switching from QuickBooks

Are you considering upgrading your ERP system from QuickBooks? If so, congratulations, your company has likely seen success and could use some guidance on what this means for your accounting team.

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4 Things to Consider When Planning a System Implementation Project


I am often asked, “how long will it take to implement our new solution?” My stock and somewhat disappointing answer is always – it depends. As with all system implementations, there are four factors that you need to assess to determine how long it will take to implement your core financial...

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Why Workday Works for Professional Services Firms

Workday Financial Management and Human Capital Management are an excellent fit for professional services firms. I have covered the many benefits of the cloud in previous blog posts. You can find articles like How to Evaluate the True Cost of Upgrading Your Legacy PeopleSoft Application or 9 Reasons...

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Transparent Implementation Methodology

CrossCountry's Associate Director, Megan Hale, talks about how we provide our clients with confidence and reassurance through the use of our transparent implementation methodology.

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Thinking about upgrading PeopleSoft? Read this first

PeopleSoft has lived a long life. For years, organizations could select and implement PeopleSoft knowing that it provided a solid business platform and scalability to meet their needs. However, like most products, PeopleSoft reached a point in its evolution where it atrophied. Your organization...

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The Case for a Streamlined Budget Process

Financial planning and analysis is an important business process that can help gain insight to a company’s financial stability. The importance of a streamlined budgeting process can save a company tremendous amounts of time. Many companies spend the majority of their time gathering data and...

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Security & Controls in a System Implementation

CrossCountry's Managing Director, P.J. Warwick, discusses the important of security and controls and why they should be considered before a system implementation

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Practical Guidance in Selecting a New Finance System


During my career, I have been on both sides of the software selection process. I have helped my company and customers create an RFP, and I have also been on other side responding to the RFP. Based on this experience, here are seven tips...

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Performance Improvement on a System Implementation

CrossCountry's Managing Director, Neil Smith, discusses how to change your processes to meet new system functionality.

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Modernization of the Large Enterprise Finance Organization

The following article provides an overview of the ERP market over the last 25 years for large enterprises (LEs). While historically the market overall has been stagnant due to a high barrier of entry for additional players, the adoption of cloud or Software as a Service has created a disruptive...

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Implementing Finance & Accounting Systems

CrossCountry's Managing Director, John Hoebler, discusses the differences between cloud and on-premise solutions

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Getting the Most from Your Cloud Application

Congratulations on selecting a next generation cloud based finance application. While there are many great reasons to convert to the cloud, like any system implementation, organizations need more than just developers and systems integrators to make their implementation a success. Here are five keys...

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Experience Workday Worktags

Forget about the old chart of accounts code block

Most companies use the Chart of Accounts to manage their business and produce financial results. Once this structure is created within the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool it is very rigid and cannot be changed without a massive and costly...

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