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5 Things Every Financial Services Professional Needs To Know For 2018

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While regulation was the overarching theme in financial services (FS) over the last few years, there are now other topics taking center stage. 

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Winter is coming... Are you 504 ready?

Collaborating Author: Ina Thompson

The final month of a NYC summer never gets any easier. The subway stations turn into communal saunas, half the workplace has gone on vacation leaving you as their “out of office urgent matters contact” and it suddenly dawns on you that the end of the year (and...

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6 Steps to Prepare for the New FX Global Code of Conduct

Incidents of serious misconduct such as Foreign Exchange (FX) rate manipulation and trader collusion have led to a deterioration of trust and confidence in the wholesale FX market as well as billions of dollars in fines and ligation costs for offending firms. In response to this, the Bank for...

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How RPA Can Help with your Manual Processes

Collaborating Author: Daniel Green

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology can be applied in a range of industries. Demand is growing for robots to reduce costs and create efficiencies, especially in labor intensive processes. While many CFOs are now aware of RPA as an option, most are...

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How creating a Part 504 gap assessment is like personal budgeting

Collaborating Author: Ina Thompson

In our last blog, “How you can make planning a 504 project like planning a vacation” we focused on the importance of project setup, defining a clear plan for the journey to April 15th, 2018, and keeping yourself accountable along the way. 

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6 Ways that Data Quality Relates to Owning a Car

It was a summer afternoon and I was driving to the beach in my friend’s car, who was in the passenger seat (she didn’t particularly enjoy driving). It was an older edition Honda Civic that she had driven many times including the 17 miles to get to my house. It didn’t cross my mind to have any...

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Why US based asset managers should care about MiFID II

Collaborating Authors: Michael Tracy and Adam Murray

MiFID II introduces a major overhaul of financial standards in Europe. It will cover everything from how market research is funded to the transparency of debt and equity markets across asset managers.

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Start your RPA journey with these 5 steps

Collaborating Author: Ravi Narayan

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) will change the way you conduct business by helping automate your processes in a controlled, flexible and scalable way.

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How planning your Part 504 project is like planning a vacation

Collaborating Author: Ina Thompson

Recently I said to a friend, “Man, I am sick and tired of this cold weather. How cool would it be to hop on a plane and head to the beach?” I was a bit shocked when my friend replied, “Let’s do it! Let’s be crazy and book a trip today! What are you thinking?...

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Need help with your process automation? 4 reasons to consider a robot

Collaborating Author: Michelle Stickels

At this point, I am sure you are familiar with the concept of seeing a new coworker in the hallway or in the desk next to you. But have you actually seen a robot move into an empty desk? Well, you should probably get used to it.

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