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Why Recognize a Credit Loss for a Financial Asset That Was Just Purchased at Fair Value?

Collaborating author: Tracy Abruzzo

Many stakeholders wonder why the CECL model requires an entity to recognize a credit loss for a financial asset that was just purchased at fair value.

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11 Steps to Prepare for the Impending EU GDPR Regulation

Collaborating author: Kenneth Riley

Pay your taxes. Walk the dog. Submit that expense report. Each of us has that ever-growing catalogue of tasks to accomplish and slowly cross items off the list. Whether we are holding ourselves accountable or someone else is, it’s important for us to complete...

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5 Things Every Financial Services Professional Needs To Know For 2018

This blog post was featured on 

While regulation was the overarching theme in financial services (FS) over the last few years, there are now other topics taking center stage. 

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How to Prepare for the NYDFS Cybersecurity Regulation

Collaborating Author: Kenneth Riley

Throughout 2018, senior leadership – and even the boards – of major financial institutions in New York will be discussing cybersecurity. This is something most security professionals have been hoping would happen for years, and the New York Department of...

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How CECL Impacts AFS and HTM Debt Securities

Collaborating author: Tracy Abruzzo

As CECL’s effective date draws nearer, many now recognize that CECL requires an estimate of the expected credit losses over the life of the instrument be recognized on Day 1 and subsequent reporting dates as a credit loss with the recognition of a...

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How IT can help your accounting function prepare for rev rec

Contributing Author: Brian Evans

This blog post was featured on as part of John Hoebler's blog series titled "Finance Meets the Cloud." 

Accounting standard ASC606 is a notable change to the way revenue is recognized and reported from contracts. Organizations have mostly managed to track...

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4 Ways for Internal Auditors to Exhibit Personal Courage

As I sent my son back to school last month, I quickly realized the carefree days of summer were behind us. It means battles over stricter bedtime, doing homework and more screen-time limits. It also means increased exposure to older kids and outside influences. As much as I love being my...

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Can your rev rec software support these complex challenges?

Contributing Author: Tracy Abruzzo

This blog post was featured on as part of John Hoebler's blog series titled "Finance Meets the Cloud." 

In an earlier post, I discussed many of the key challenges in accounting for revenue under ASC 606. In my last column, I detailed the four key system...

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What to Look for in a Technology Solution for Rev Rec

Collaborating Author: Tracy Abruzzo

This blog post was featured on as part of John Hoebler's blog series titled "Finance Meets the Cloud." 

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RPA: How Robots and Humans Can Work Together

Collaborating author: Danny Green

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology enables companies of any size to vastly improve the productivity and consistency of their repetitive manual processes (read our blog here to see how RPA can help with your manual processes). 

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