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“They’re All Critical” – A Methodology to Prioritize Data Quality Issues

Faced with unprecedented regulatory scrutiny, Financial Services firms have made data quality a top priority.  Most large banks now have a Chief Data Officer (CDO) as a ‘C’ level function and an entire CDO organization dedicated to achieving higher levels of data quality.

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NYSDFS Regulation 504 – Raising the Bar for AML Compliance

Say “Rule 504” to Chief Compliance Officers of NY Financial Institutions and it may send chills down their spine.  Recent regulatory lapses and cases involving penalties against financial institutions have prompted regulators to strengthen the supervisory mechanism and adopt stringent measures....

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Has your ERP system kept pace with technology?

The pace of technological advancement is an incredible human achievement. It seems every time you turn on the news, there is a break through that has the potential to alter how we live our lives.  From 3D printers, to advanced electric cars, to smartphones, new technology has changed our...

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