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Beyond the 5-Steps: A Comprehensive Look at Implementing the New Revenue Recognition Guidance - Part 1

The Implementation Landscape

Almost 2 years ago now, the FASB issued its long-awaited, sweeping new revenue recognition standard.  The standard initially provided for a 2017 effective date for public companies (2018 for private), which was subsequently deferred a year in order to give companies...

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4 Reasons You Need a Finance System Selection Advisor (and a Realtor)

Home buying is an activity that many people will contemplate at least once over the course of their lives. Most people today wouldn’t think of buying a house without a realtor and for good reason.

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There Are Hidden Costs to Selecting a New ERP, Just Like a Wedding

So you’re selecting a new ERP, congratulations! When is your big day (read: targeted go-live)? Mine is in the fall. No matter where you are in the ERP selection process, I’m sure you’ve already encountered some hidden costs.

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Social Engineering - A Top Threat that Requires a Sound Cybersecurity Strategy

As organizations attempt to stay ahead of cyber threats, Social Engineering tops the list of the most popular hacking methods. Social Engineering is the use of human interaction to obtain unauthorized access to information.

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