Workday People Experience Platform: Bringing Personalization to ERP

In the fall of 2021, Workday will be releasing People Experience – an exciting new platform aimed at improving efficiency, knowledge sharing, and collaboration. People Experience, or PEX, not only expands Workday’s capabilities to make a more effective platform, but also addresses the most important part of the entire system: the end user. A personalized, more intelligent employee experience, PEX consists of three different services: Today, Journeys, and Help.

Workday Today

Powered by machine learning, Today brings a next generation new look and feel to Workday. It delivers a new look to the Search bar, returning a concise yet more informative list of results, and revitalizes the landing page with personalized tasks, announcements, information, and recommendations by using the new concept of cards.

Cards are dynamic content presented to the user to act on tasks without clicking through multiple screens. Today will feature a wide variety of delivered cards plus the ability to create ones customized for your organization. Suggested tasks are driven by machine learning to present actions that you perform day-to-day in Workday and make suggestions based on aspects that are most important to you.

By Spring of 2022, Workday Today will be the default homepage for all customers. It benefits your organization and employees by taking the guess work out of navigating the system and delivering useful content directly to the homepage. The result will be a more engaged end user who can quickly find what they are looking for in Workday – and perhaps even something new and useful.


Workday Journeys

Journeys provides the ability for organizations to guide employees through important moments in their careers and lives, and complements operational business processes by providing interactive and intuitive paths for end users to assist them in navigating everything from promotions to leaves of absence. It bundles articles, tasks, and other internal and external content across systems and can be distributed to the employee through mass operations management or as part of a business process. Ultimately, Journeys brings creativity and a personal touch into Workday, allowing you to engage with your workforce in a way that is easy to digest and more individualized for important events.

While business processes will still be used for transactions and approval routing, Journeys will bring a more targeted, flexible feel to engage employees in your Workday environment. This reduces the need for one-off communications, check lists, or documentation outside of the system, thus saving your HR team time.


Workday Help

Do you find yourself needing to store Workday-related documentation in another system? When navigating Workday, do your employees have to email Human Resources (HR) for assistance? Help aims to alleviate both pain points by allowing organizations to leverage Workday’s new HR case management and knowledge management features. HR Knowledge Management allows you to create, categorize, maintain, track, and publish helpful information to your employees (e.g., an article guiding employees through open enrollment). Case Management allows you to manage the input and resolution of cases created by end users by building a support and ticketing framework within Workday, leveraging Workday security, and reducing dependencies on email and other systems for support requests.




Ultimately, Workday’s People Experience platform continues to expand the capabilities offered directly within the system and creates a more personalized experience for your employees. With a robust search engine, automated suggestions, and individualized and dynamic content, organizations will begin to yield a better return on their HR technology investment.

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