Family Office Challenges: A Patchwork of Unintegrated Systems

The Challenge in QuickBooks

Whether it‘s an expense management, HR, or investment tracking system, there are many valuable solutions that allow teams to streamline several of their day-to-day processes. However, if you use systems like QuickBooks desktop, getting this data into your accounting program may be a meticulous process. Have you ever wished that QuickBooks could speak to your other systems? This is a very common issue for family offices who struggle to get their financial information from other back-office solutions into QuickBooks, but imagine a world where your team didn’t have to spend hours converting data from one to the other. 

QuickBooks desktop does not offer any direct integration with outside party systems and does not have flexible web services offerings. This means that in order to get data from one solution to another, you must go through either an Excel or CSV data load. QuickBooks does provide a tool in order to import data into the system, but you need to ensure that it is in the correct format in order to import it. This process takes up valuable time from team members and reduces the speed and accuracy of your reporting. 


Sage Intacct’s Solution

With Sage Intacct, the silos you are operating in can be shattered. As a best-in-class financial management solution, Sage Intacct was built to integrate with other best-in-class solutions because most customers integrate at least two external applications. 

 Sage Intacct has a wide range of Marketplace partners with prebuilt integrations from day one. Through direct Application Programming Interface (API) integrations, they bring real-time information from outside systems into your ERP. This means that you don’t have to import any of the data or deal with formatting day after day in order to maintain accurate records. With the click of a button, you have precise data flowing into Sage Intacct, which means that your reporting includes real-time figures from other systems. Many of these integrations are simple and easy to set up, requiring only a few up-front hours of time from your team. 

 What if your system is not a partner? No problem! Sage Intacct also offers the ability to create XML API calls from your outside party system into your ERP. So stop manually moving your data from one system to another and let the beauty of automation do the work for you with Sage Intacct. 


For more about how Sage Intacct offers your family office the solutions you need, click the image below to download our guidebook Sage Intacct: Solving the Challenges Family Offices Face on QuickBooks

Sage Intacct Family Office


Family Office Challenges: Inadequate Security, Privacy, and Disaster Recovery
Sage Intacct: Solving the Challenges Family Offices Face on QuickBooks
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