Celebrating Data Privacy Day

Beginning in 2008 in the United States and Canada as an extension of the celebration in Europe, Data Privacy Day is a global effort that aims to generate awareness about the importance of privacy by highlighting easy ways to protect personal information and reminding organizations that privacy is good for business.

We at CrossCountry are proud to be a Privacy Aware Champion and represent those dedicated to empowering individuals and businesses to respect privacy, safeguard data and enable trust.


Importance of Data Privacy

CrossCountry champions data privacy by assisting organizations with privacy governance build, data identification, classification, and legal and regulatory compliance.

We understand that privacy is not just good for business, it’s essential. As regulators increase fines and enforcement for privacy violations around the world, consumers are taking their business to companies that respect their personal information. Furthermore, consumers are becoming more aware of how their data should be protected and the rights they have over their own data. Our Cyber and Privacy team balances pragmatic business understanding and deep privacy expertise to craft a customized and modern approach to cybersecurity for each of our partners.


The following statistics were published by The National Cybersecurity Alliance's Data Privacy Day 2021 Toolkit:

  • 43 percent of consumers agreed or strongly agreed that their concern about Data Privacy has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic (Deloitte);
  • 92 percent of consumers say companies must be proactive about data protection (PwC);
  • 64 percent of Americans would blame the company—not the hacker—for the loss of personal data (RSA);
  • 88 percent of consumers say the extent of their willingness to share personal information is based on how much they trust a company (PwC);
  • 39 percent of consumers are likely to walk away from a company that requires them to provide highly personal data to conduct business with them (Akamai);
  • 48 percent of consumers have stopped buying from a company over privacy concerns (Tableau);
  • 97 percent of companies have seen benefits like a competitive advantage or investor appeal from investing in privacy (Cisco).



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