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Matt Bernstein

As a leader in the Operations Improvement service offering, Matt guides clients through large and small transformations, focusing on people, process and technology. His 11 years of experience in process improvement, change management, program/project management and statistical analysis provides key insights to organizations in how to successfully execute their strategic goals.
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RPA: How Robots and Humans Can Work Together

Collaborating author: Danny Green

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology enables companies of any size to vastly improve the productivity and consistency of their repetitive manual processes (read our blog here to see how RPA can help with your manual processes). 

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How RPA Can Help with your Manual Processes

Collaborating Author: Daniel Green

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology can be applied in a range of industries. Demand is growing for robots to reduce costs and create efficiencies, especially in labor intensive processes. While many CFOs are now aware of RPA as an option, most are...

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Start your RPA journey with these 5 steps

Collaborating Author: Ravi Narayan

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) will change the way you conduct business by helping automate your processes in a controlled, flexible and scalable way.

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Need help with your process automation? 4 reasons to consider a robot

Collaborating Author: Michelle Stickels

At this point, I am sure you are familiar with the concept of seeing a new coworker in the hallway or in the desk next to you. But have you actually seen a robot move into an empty desk? Well, you should probably get used to it.

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