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Jill Agudelo

Jill Agudelo is a Director at CrossCountry Consulting in the Risk practice. Jill has significant experience in risk management, internal controls and organization review and design. Her expertise is in Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and Internal Audit. Click here to read Jill's full bio.
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4 Ways for Internal Auditors to Exhibit Personal Courage

As I sent my son back to school last month, I quickly realized the carefree days of summer were behind us. It means battles over stricter bedtime, doing homework and more screen-time limits. It also means increased exposure to older kids and outside influences. As much as I love being my...

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The Art of Negotiation for Internal Auditors

I used to define negotiation as that arduous battle of wills between two parties that was best illustrated by my least favorite activity in the world…buying a car.  That was until I became a parent and realized that negotiation is part of my everyday life.  

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How Internal Audit Can Help Shape Your Risk Culture

Last weekend I played “The Game of Life” with my son and I realized how early we expose our kids to the concept of risk.  As he approached the choice to take “The Safe Path of Life” or “The Risky Path of Life,” I found myself anxiously awaiting his decision. 

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How to Cultivate Curiosity in your Internal Audit Team

I recently took my six-year old to see Beauty and the Beast. After the movie, he began asking questions like “Why did the Beast throw the rose on the ground?” or “Why did the Enchantress turn the Prince into the Beast?” and on and on…and on (if you have kids, you know what I’m talking about). 

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