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3 ways that revenue recognition will impact IT

Collaborating Author: Tracy Abruzzo

This blog post was featured on as part of John Hoebler's blog series titled "Finance Meets the Cloud." 

Has your CFO been talking about something called revenue recognition that's supposed to go live next year? It’s a completely new five-step model...

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Winter is coming... Are you 504 ready?

Collaborating Author: Ina Thompson

The final month of a NYC summer never gets any easier. The subway stations turn into communal saunas, half the workplace has gone on vacation leaving you as their “out of office urgent matters contact” and it suddenly dawns on you that the end of the year (and...

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The Art of Negotiation for Internal Auditors

I used to define negotiation as that arduous battle of wills between two parties that was best illustrated by my least favorite activity in the world…buying a car.  That was until I became a parent and realized that negotiation is part of my everyday life.  

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